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Offshore Chief Engineer

Offshore Chief Engineer in Saudi Arabi

Reports to the Captain.

Responsible for the safe operation of the jacking system and power generating equipment and the maintenance and repair of all mechanical and electrical equipment on the rig.

Conducts operations in a safe manner according to the policies and procedures.
Observes proper rig operating procedures, noting unsafe practices.
Plays an active part in QHSE meetings, tool box meetings, the TQM program and all other company safety management systems.
Signs the mechanical/electrical isolation part of the Permit to Work and performs and checks any equipment isolation that may be necessary to safety perform the work in question.
Trains the crews in emergency response and evacuation procedures
Overall in charge at scene in the event of an emergency.
Is proficient in STOP for supervisors and uses its techniques. Promotes the use of STOP for employees to the personnel under his supervision.
Pays particular attention to the maintenance of all mechanical/electrical safety related equipment.
Operates prime movers and other engines with associated equipment.
Maintains and repairs prime movers and other engines with associated equipment.
Maintains and repairs fuel system.
Operate, maintain and repair switch gear.
Operate, maintain and repair generators/transformers/motors.
Operate, maintain and repair SCR systems.
Operate, maintain and repair U.P.S. systems.
Supervise maintenance carried out by third party specialists.
Maintain and repair electrical components of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
Maintain and repair of electrical components of sewage treatment system.
Maintain and repair of electrical heating system.
Maintain and repair of lighting system.
Supervise maintenance and operation of all solid state circuits.
Supervise maintenance and operation of solid state and reduced volume motor starters.
Supervise maintenance, operation and scheduled testing of all MCC and protective devices.
Maintain and repair of AC motors.
Operates and maintains air compressors.
Maintains and repairs heat exchangers and air dryers.
Monitors and repairs or replace air regulators and all valves in air system.
Repairs pneumatic equipment.
Operate and maintain leg jacking equipment.
Maintains and repairs thrusters and controls.
Operate, maintain and repair potable water makers.
Operate, maintain and repair potable water pressure system.
Operate, maintain and repair raw water tower.
Operate, maintain and repair hot water boiler system and quarters water supply.
Operate, maintain and repair the marine sanitation device.
Operate, maintain and repair salt water service system and pumps
Operate, maintain and repair sanitation system and pumps.
Maintain and repair power end of Kill pumps.
Maintain and repair centrifugal pumps in mud circulation and conditioning system.
Repair mechanical/electrical components of mud conditioning equipment.
Inspect maintain and repair cranes.
Assist other departments in equipment maintenance, repair or operation.
Operate, install, maintain and repair additional or temporary mechanical/electrical equipment used for special operations.
Maintain correct operation, maintenance and repair of fuel system.
Repair accommodation and galley equipment
Perform tests, calculations and treatments.
Use blue prints and hydraulic, pneumatic and electric schematics.
Use hand and power tools.
Use technical manuals and other references.
Identify and respond to abnormal operating conditions and/or patterns of equipment of systems.
Set schedules to ensure proper utilisation of equipment.
Perform and interpret power calculations.
Calculate power factor.
Perform insulation breakdown tests.
Calculate and perform protective relay test.
Calculate voltage drop, resistance, impedance, voltage and current.
Use electric and electronic schematics and logic diagrams.
Read instruments such as oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, frequent meters, protective relay test equipment, Kelvin Bridge, insulation equipment, logic analysers and general electrical shop tools.
Collate information from assorted electrical and electronic source as semiconductor reference, IEEE handbook, and composite catalogues.
Gather data from instruments, mag tapes, data strip, computer print Interpret past and present performance, using available data and accumulated experience. Reach conclusion and ensure problem(s) are resolved.
Organize and promote PMS (Preventive Maintenance System) and predictive maintenance
with particular emphasis on safety defined in the MPP manual
Maintain records and logs required by company using the filing and reporting system.
Plan work of maintenance crew.
Management of Warehouse.
Supervise compliance with safety policies and procedures.
Train and evaluate subordinates.
Control inventory and budget for the engine department.
Co-ordinate with other departments.
Maintain good communication with supervisors and subordinates.

Desired Qualities/Qualifications


Must have at least 5 years experience as marine diesel engineer of a motor vessel having not less than 1000 HP diesel engine(s).
Must possess a certificate of Chief Engineer III2 STCW95.
Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.
Must demonstrate the ability to work independently under general supervision and
the ability to exercise leadership and set a safe work example to junior personnel.
Must have completed the company’s certification requirements as per the company’s training manual.

Offshore Chief Engineer

United Kingdom
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Published on 27 Mar 2024